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Used Machines and Others

Used Industrial Sewing
Machines and Sergers

We have a HUGE stock of used industrial sewing machines.This is just a small sampling of what we have available. If you are in the market for used industrial sewing machines and equipment, check with us!

Bonis A-21,  Fur Machine. This machine is designed for working on mink and other light furs.


Brother BAS-304A-111,  Programmable Pattern Tacking Machine – Call for Price

Cornely A2 Single Needle, Long Arm, Chenille and Chainstitch Machine – Call for Price



Eastman “Ultronic” Model 625, 6 inch, Dual Speed Cloth Cutting Machine, 110v

Eastman Ultronic 625 Cloth Cutting Machine



Juki LZ-391 Satin Stitch “Swiss Style” Embroidering Sewing Machine

Juki MB-372 Button Sewer



Merrow 15-CA-1 Crochet Stitch Machine

Mitsubishi PB-820 Two Needle ( 3/8 ) Post Bed Machine

Mitsubishi PLK-0804 Programmable Pattern Tacking Machine

Mitsubishi PLK-B2516 Programmable Pattern Tacking Machine Call for Price

Pfaff 145 Single Needle, Needle Feed, Walking Foot with edge cutter

Pfaff 418-71, High Speed, Three Step Zig Zag with Reverse Feed

Pfaff 3334-958/01-136B Bartacking Machine, 12mm

Pfaff 41 Class Mauser Lock Four Needle Six Thread Taping Machine for Wetsuits Call for Price.

Reece S2-BH Buttonhole Machine

Rimoldi 264-11-4EL-09 Four Needle Waistband Machine

Rimoldi 327-2CD-32, Four Thread Serge


‘TIGER’ Brand Cloth Cutting Machine



Dual Speed

7 in. Blade

STROBEL,  KL 142-20, Two Thread Cup Seamer for Extra Heavy stitching on wet suits and diving suits for superior seam strength.
This is a rare opportunity to purchase a used machine of this type in excellent working condition.


U.S. Blindstitch 99-PB-1 Blindstitch Machine with Air Cutter, Feed Frame Drop and Servo Motor, for Wetsuits

U.S. Blindstitch 719-9, The original machine designed specifically for drapery work. Features the extended work plate for supporting extra fabric while hemming drapes.


Please check back for updates and changes to this page
Call us for prices on our used equipment. We have more models that are not listed here.

Please Note:

The equipment on this page is used equipment and is subject to availability. Prices quoted are for complete machines with table and motor, FOB  Seattle, WA, and are subject to change at any time. Local delivery ( within the Seattle area) is available.
Please do contact us as soon as possible, as these machines are in great condition, and come “ready to sew”. We recommend that you send us a sample of the material and thread you plan to use, so we can be sure the machine will do the job upon delivery.

Contact us for all your used equipment needs.


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