Embroidery Placement

Monogram Placement

The placement of a monogram or an embroidery design on a garment is subject to many variables. Suprisingly, tradition is not always a big factor. Today we see placements in very unusual places, the back of the shoulder, a bag strap and countless other positions. The size and style of the item to be embroidered, the size of the monogram or design, the ease of hooping the item and most importantly, the customer's preference all must be taken into consideration. After some experience you will become familiar with placements, sizes and densities to use on popular items. Listed below are guidelines to help you with placement. Please note that these measurements are approximate and refer to the center point of the monogram unless otherwise specified. Measurements given are for monograms but can be adjusted for designs by taking into consideration the proportions of the design. If you are unsure sew a sample of your design on a swatch, trim around it and attach it to the item before sewing the 'real" thing. Remember there are no "rules", be creative and above all – put it where the customer wants it!


T-shirts: 7 ½" to 9" down from the left shoulder seam and 4" to 6" over from the center.

Golf Shirts: 71/2" to 9" down from the left shoulder seam and 4" to 6" over from the center, in line with the collar meeting the shoulder seam. Use the center placket as a reference.

Turtle Necks: Left neck area centered between center front and left shoulder seam. Bottom of design ½" to ¾" up from bottom edge. Take care to turn it the right way!

Sweatshirts: Place the top of the design 3" to 3 ½" down from the bottom of the neck edging.

Satin Jackets: For designs on the left chest place them 3 ½" to 4" over from the center edge and 6" to 8" down from the shoulder seam. For the back the placement depends on the size of the design and the size of the jacket. Anywhere from 6" to 9" down from the collar seam to the center of the design.


Shirt Cuffs: Top center of the wrist, start 1" to 1 3/8" from the center of the cuff toward the buttonhole and ¼" to ½" above the cuff edge. Cuff monograms are generally quite small and should be placed so the bottom of the monogram is just above the topstitching on the cuff.

Shirt Pockets: Place design ¼" to ½" down from the pocket edge and centered between the seams, like cuffs these monograms are generally quite small.

Ties: 1½" to 2 ½" up from the bottom tip or 9" to 11" up from the bottom tip when worn with a vest.


Blouses/Robes: Place 4" to 6" down from the left shoulder seam and 3" to 5" over from the center.

Sweaters: Place 3 ½" to 4 ½" down from the collar and centered on the front (monograms).

Fur Coat Linings: Right side at waist level in the lining.

Home Furnishings:

Towels: Place the monogram on the opposite side of the label on the opposite end. Measurements are from the bottom of the monogram, use topping and underlay!

Bath Sheets: Place 4" above hem or 3" above border.

Bath Towels: Place 4" above hem or 2" above border.

Hand Towels: Place 2" above hen or 1" above border.

Wash Cloths: Place 1 ½" above hem or 1" above border.

Sheets: The bottom of the monogram should be centered about 2" above the wide hemline on the top of the sheet.

Pillow Cases: The monogram should be centered between the edge of the open end and the stitching on the hem or the border design.

Again, don't be afraid to modify these placements for your specifications. Experiment!

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