Glossary C

Cap Frames: Specialized embroidery frames (hoops) designed to hold finished caps for embroidering. Available in a variety of styles for various machines, with two basic styles being to sew the finished cap flattened out or sewing the finished cap in it's natural curved shape.

Cartoon: Artwork used for embroidery punching. Also called an enlargement.

Ceeding Stitch: See Fill Stitch.

Center Line Input: The ability of the embroidery software to form a satin stitch around a single line entered by the digitizer.

Chainstitch: Stitch in which loops are connected in a chain fashion. Chainstitch embroidery is normally done with a single thread using a machine with a hook in place of a needle to pull the thread through the fabric. See Chenille. Chenille and chainstitch are done on the same machine. See picture.


Check Spring: See Take Up Spring.

Chenille: Stitch formed by pulling a loop of thread to the topside of the fabric. French for caterpillar. Also called a Moss Stitch. See Chainstitch. See picture.


Cording: See Taping.

Coiling: Each embroidery stitch is wrapped or coiled as it is sewn. The machine puts down a stitch and then coils a fiber around the stitch, the density of the finished coil is determined by the number of wraps per stitch. See picture. See Taping.


Column Stitch: Also called a Steil Stitch or a Satin Stitch. Formed by closely arranged stitches using a zigzag stitch or a "Z" shape. Often used for lettering or borders. See picture.

Compensation: Digitizing/Punching techniques used to counteract the distortion caused by the interaction of the needle, thread, backing and machine tensions. Also a programmable feature in some software packages.

Complex Fill: Digitizing software capability to input stitch areas with uneven outlines or voids without breaking the process into multiple sections for digitizing. Areas to be filled and/or voided are defined with perimeter points. See picture.

Complex Fill with void

Condensed Format: 1. File format for Melco. 2. Method of digitizing input, in which points are saved, allows for the changing of density, length and size of the finished design. See Format, Expanded Format and Outline.

Contour Stitch: Ceeding stitches following a defined shape. See picture.

Crest: See Emblem.

Cross-Stitch: Needlework stitch forming an X. See picture.

Computerized Cross Stitch

Cutaway: Backing type that is removed after embroidering by cutting it off.

Cut Line: See Guide Stitch.

Cut Work: Embroidery one or more layers of fabric with one or more layers cutaway, exposing the under layer(s) of fabric or leaving a void. See picture.

Cut work at cuffs, hem and at neckline.

Cylinder Arm Machine: Refers to machines with "cylinder" bed. The hook assembly is housed in a cylinder shaped arm, allowing goods to be embroidered to curve around the cylinder. See Flat Bed and Tubular. See picture.

Cylinder Arm

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